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Cinema box office

It's not going to win too many Oscar's but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is smashing up box-office records by the day. Last week, Irish box-office receipts topped €2.504m fuelled by Potter-mania. This compares to €1.64m in the same week last year. But, weirdly, a good haul for the box office is bad news for the economy as people are spending money on cheap entertainment rather than blowing money in pubs and restaurants.

10-year Irish bond yield

For the first time since the days following the credible stress tests in April, the Irish Government bond yield has fallen significantly. The week began with the country's borrowing costs breaking 14 per cent but those fell to well under 12 per cent by the end of the week. While not a magic bullet, the euro deal is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. At least that's what bond markets are saying.

20 equally weighted ISEQ shares

The ISEQ Index can be misguiding as the large shares can hold an overbearing weight and create a sectoral distortion. As a result, we have chosen to "equally weight" the stocks and take a more accurate view of the Irish economy. On average, Irish shares have nudged down a smidgen by 0.11 per cent from last week.

Ratio of new enterprises/ companies closing down

The ratio has climbed yet again on last week to 3.43. Due to the fact that the summer months often present a quieter period in the operating calendar, this increase may be due to the emergence of some seasonal, tourist-based businesses.

11890 enquiries

The Galway Arts Festival, the Galway Races and the Fleadh Cheoil form just part of Ireland's summer attractions for the 'staycationers' and those that we welcome to Irish shores. We are in full swing of our peak tourism period and the queries to 11890 illustrate this. Week-on-week calls for hotels have been steadily rising by about 2 per cent and pubs are up 7 per cent.

Stock of properties available on Daft.ie

The stock of properties in the market is creeping back up again and there are currently 59,061 residential homes available on Daft, from one-beds to five-beds, with the increase primarily driven by two-bed properties. The overhang of properties is like a big fat bouncer barring us from the door of a nightclub called 'Recovery'.

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