Tuesday 16 January 2018

Christmas fayre play: we are the biggest festive spenders in Europe

TANKS, SANTA: Sean Kearney of Clonsilla plays with a toy German Tiger tank. Photo: Steve Humphreys
TANKS, SANTA: Sean Kearney of Clonsilla plays with a toy German Tiger tank. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Roisin Burke

WE'RE no scrooges. Irish people spend an average of €512 on Christmas – more than any other Europeans – on presents, new research by online retail giant eBay shows.

Tomorrow is the 'Black Monday' of smartphone retail – with armchair shoppers splashing out more online using their phones than at any other time.

As gift givers, we're the biggest spenders in Europe, coughing up an average of €296 on Christmas presents.

We also spend the most by far on our children – €305 on average per person.

Top toys this year include a robotic puppy from Teksta and a new version of an old favourite called Monopoly Empire. Top selling adult buys include iPads, with one selling on eBay every single minute; and women's shoes, with a pair sold worldwide every two seconds.

The gender known to avoid trawling around thronged shops like the plague is buying online in big numbers; Irishmen are the biggest smartphone shoppers, outspending women by 150 per cent.

In fact 81 per cent of Irish people shopping on their smartphones do so from their sofas. Almost half of them have done a bit of online shopping without getting out of bed. We're as attached to our mobiles as ever – nearly one-third of Irish people will use a mobile smartphone to buy Christmas presents this season, while half will use a computer to shop.

We buy a rather generous 13 pressies each – double the amount bought in Poland, indulging in one-third more Christmas gift-giving than the French, Italians, Spaniards or Belgians.

And we spend far more too – at least 25 per cent more than the French, Spanish, Belgians, Russians and Poles.

It's not just on pressies that we like to spread festive cheer; we spend the most in Europe – an average of €215 each – on other Christmas items such as decorations, totting up to a cheerful total yuletide outlay of €512 each.

God bless us everyone!

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