Friday 17 January 2020

Chance to talk with 'Da boss' has customers all a-Twitter

Well, Holy God. That would surely be the reaction of a certain bygone TV character to news that Michael O'Leary will be fielding customer questions and comments over the Ryanair Twitter account on Monday.

Already the airline, in a nascent push to improve its image, has set up an electronic suggestion form on its website to which both rattled and happy flyers can get in touch with "Da Boss", as he's described, to tell him how Ryanair can improve its services.

All suggestions will be acknowledged by the aviation chief, or at least by an auto-reply with his signature.

Ryanair spin doctor Robin Kiely declined to say this week just how many suggestions have been received so far, but The Punt can only imagine that the volume is high and the content likely to be as expletive-laden as O'Leary himself in full flight.

Kiely also explained that "Da Boss" will be on the Twitter account between 4-5 GMT on Monday. O'Leary has apparently taken to the whole new social media thing with gusto.

Anyone interested in joining in the conversation on Monday – The Punt suspects there might be at least a few dozen – can follow the conversation at #GrillMOL.

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