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Wednesday 13 November 2019

Celebrity trading challenge

IN a world driven by fast-moving and far-off events, it's sometimes difficult to differentiate an inspired move from a simple roll of the dice. Perhaps there is no difference and it's the end result that really matters.

Whatever your philosophy, in the Delta Index celebrity trading challenge we saw comedian Mario Rosenstock rocket from last place to first over just 24 hours last week, as his oil-based strategy paid off.

The price of a barrel of oil fell early in the week -- but it then rallied up above €115 after Gadaffi's tanks set off for Benghazi. This drove Mario's account value above €30,000.

Aisling O'Neill dropped into second place but is sticking with her pessimistic outlook. Last week, her account made a good profit from the fall in the Dow Jones Index following the tragic events in Japan.

Norah Casey stayed true to her positions in Apple, GE and Irish Continental Group. However, she did open her first currency position, betting that the Canadian dollar would gain against the Australian currency.

Sinead Desmond continued to hold her short on ASOS and long on Burberry and is looking to add further luxury brands at current levels.

David Gillick is looking uncharacteristically slow off the mark, losing money on some extraordinary falls in the corn and wheat markets.

If you fancy trying your hand, you still have a chance to win a trip to see ex-Anglo Irish banker David Drumm's house in Cape Cod, plus a side visit to New York and Boston. You can enter and play via a PC or any smartphone -- just check for details.

Delta Index is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. If you entered the Delta Index competition, keep track of your progress by logging on to and checking the live leaderboard.

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