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Cadbury's Starbar hit by 'shrink ray'

THE grocery "shrink ray" has struck again. Cadbury's delicious Star Bar -- a chocolate, caramel and peanut-filled feast of yumminess -- is now a little bit smaller. But the price hasn't come down.

"Like many businesses, the long-term price trend of many of the things we use to make our products is rising," according to a spokesman for Kraft, which owns Cadbury. "The size of a Starbar has changed from 53g to 49g; however, we believe that our confectionery still represents good value for money and is a very affordable treat."

The shrinking Starbar is the only Cadbury chocolate bar to have a bit lopped off it in "recent months".

Faced with the rising cost of raw materials, big food manufacturers are quietly reducing the size of their products. Chocolate companies are doing much of the shrinking, which sees customers get less chocolate for the same amount of money.

The Irish confectionery market is estimated to be worth around €625m, with Irish people among the highest per-capita consumers of chocolate in the world.

Cadbury has some form when it comes to shrinking its bars, with the big Dairy Milk being miniaturised from 140g to just 120g in the past.

Rolo, made by Swiss food giant Nestle, reduced the number of Rolos in each packet from 11 to 10. Mars Bars also fell from 62.5 gram down to a less impressive 58 gram size.

Pringles also got squeezed from 200g down to 170g -- but has bounced back to 190g.

Dairylea Lunchables -- the lazy parent's school lunch solution -- has also seen its dimensions reduced.

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