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'Business for Ireland' event for London outing

The timing of the bank re-structuring announcement was good news for one group.

'Business for Ireland', a new London-based group aiming to support economic growth in Ireland, is holding a conference next week on just the issues raised by the banking plan.

The subject is whether restructuring or burden-sharing in Irish debt can lead to more growth, investment and jobs. And even if it could, what are the risks involved?

Business for Ireland is the brainchild of Oliver O'Connor, former political adviser to Mary Harney as Health Minister.

"The idea is to bring together business leaders and opinion shapers who are doing business in or with Ireland, to discuss economic issues and perhaps chart ways forward," O'Connor says.

"Debt looms over every discussion in Ireland. Is it fair? Who pays? Who decides? But the practical question comes down to how to deal with debt so that the real economy -- real businesses, real jobs, real livelihoods have the best outcome."

Speakers at the event on Wednesday evening include Dermot O'Leary, chief economist at Goodbody Stockbrokers and Donal Donovan, a former IMF director now adjunct professor of economics at the University of Limerick.

The conference is taking place in the Cass Business School in Bunhill Row EC1.

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