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Burning ambition for safer candles makes good scents

Every parent knows how having a child changes your outlook on life. For Fleur Daly, having a child also proved to be the inspiration for Bluebell Eco Candles, a firm she runs with her husband Jimmy.

When the couple's son Jamie was born with a chronic chest condition five years ago, Fleur was warned not to burn conventional paraffin candles near him as it could worsen his condition. The couple then started to make their own candles by hand – using soy wax as an alternative to paraffin wax. "Soya candles are natural candles so unlike a lot of conventional candles, when you burn a soya candle in your home, you are not burning carcinogens or other toxins," said Fleur.

When the couple first started their candle-making, they sold the candles to friends and neighbours in Killarney. "The candle-making started as a hobby for me and I fell in love with it," said Fleur. The candle-making was a hobby until last year, when Jimmy set up Bluebell Eco Candles.

The company now supplies candles to the five-star Cloisters Spa at the Muckross Park Hotel in Killarney and its candles are also sold in garden centres and gift shops across Ireland. Bluebell Eco Candles sells a range of 75 candles, including sherry trifle candles, cupcake candles, and vintage tea cup candles.

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