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BoI chief Boucher 'gave up €118k of potential pay last year'


Richie Boucher

Richie Boucher

Richie Boucher

BANK of Ireland chief Richie Boucher gave up €118,000 of his potential pay last year, a new report from the bank shows.

The bank boss was paid €843,000 in 2014, including pension and allowances, after waiving €118,000 of his potential pay package.

His basic pay before tax is €690,000 topped up by €34,000 in "other remuneration" and pension contributions of €237,000., according to the bank's annual report. 

Mr Boucher's number two at the bank, chief financial officer Andrew Keating’s total remuneration for 2014 was €456,000, unchanged from 2013. Chairman Archie Kane earned €490,000.

The bank did not pay bonuses to directors in 2014, according to its annual report.

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