Thursday 14 November 2019

Bleak picture for ads as viewers switch off

The demise of traditional advertising at the hands of the technological onslaught has long been bemoaned, but the latest instalment of the Carat Pulse research series puts the Irish situation into stark focus.

The online survey of 1,000 consumers found that 27pc "always" skip TV ads, while another 39pc skip them "most of the time" and 26pc skip ads "some of the time". As Sky plus and UP recording boxes become the norm, those skipping TV ads "rarely" or "never" came in at just 8pc.

The picture for radio is somewhat brighter, most likely reflecting the high propensity to listen live, but the ease of switching stations offered by digitally tuned sets seems to be having an impact, with 10pc of those surveyed "always" skipping ads and 16pc opting out "most of the time".

While the public seems to be going to considerable lengths to avoid ads on traditional mediums, the survey also found that more than half of consumers proactively search for brands online, and 5pc-10pc follow brands on Twitter.

The research marks the second dispatch from Carat Pulse, a new monthly series from media agency Carat and iReach Market Research, which looks to "identify key issues, trends and changes that will impact Irish consumer behaviour".

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