Monday 20 November 2017

Billionaire business leader Tony Robbins says 'humble' Irish put heads down and worked for economic recovery

Pendulum Summit taking place at Dublin's Convention Centre today

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins delivering his masterclass at the Pendulum Summit 2016 at the Convention Centre in Dublin.
Pic Steve Humphreys
Motivational speaker Tony Robbins delivering his masterclass at the Pendulum Summit 2016 at the Convention Centre in Dublin. Pic Steve Humphreys
Nicola Anderson

Nicola Anderson

The world’s top motivational speaker Tony Robbins has praised the Irish economic recovery, saying that we were in a different place a few years ago and that progress has been made thanks to someone who foresaw a better future.

The billionaire business leader – who has advised Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama amongst countless high profile others – said that he knows Irish people because of their presence around the globe.

He described the Irish as “humble” people who work hard, keep their heads down and don’t need accolades.

“To work really hard to do the job necessary,” he added.

Later, he said he loves the “cultural excitement” that we have and said the country was somewhere seven billion would love to live – but asked audience members if they were taking it for granted.

It took Deepak Chopra to persuade Robbins to bring his iconic brand of high energy positive thinking to Ireland for the first time.

Organiser of the Pendulum Summit, Frankie Sheahan revealed that high level negotiations took place to secure Robbins for the event taking place at the Convention Centre in Dublin.

Chopra sent a text message to Robbins, recommending that he attend, saying it was the best event in which he had ever personally taken part.

A week later, a letter came back from Robbins saying he would attend.

At the event in Dublin today, introduced by throbbing 90s music, Robbins said he was delighted to be in Ireland for the first time professionally – though he has visited before for “the beautiful environment.”

Early in the day, the audience – made up of a cross section of business leaders – including Ivan Yates, Gavin Duffy, former Presidential candidate Sean Gallagher and wife Trish – were urged onto their feet to jump enthusiastically into the air and ramp up their energy levels, “going full tilt”.

As they jumped up and down, he then instructed them to turn to the person beside them and scream “I own you” – explaining that this meant they had more energy than the next person.

Afterwards, they were told to high five their partner and say “You rock, baby.”

Later, they gave each other back massages, with Robbins shouting at them to “tell them if you want it hard or soft.”

“Make a little noise if it feels good,” he urged, as the audiences laughed and really got into it.

For five hours, they were given a masterclass in Robbins’ life skills, peppered with messages like  “Positive thinking is nice but intelligence is nicer,” “Anyone can feel good when it’s easy,” and “Socrates says learning is remembering.”

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