Sunday 25 February 2018

Best of friends, now and forever

Poor Jose. We all get grumpy and can end up throwing a tantrum from time to time. OK, Michael didn't invite you to the bailout exit party last week. Nor did your best friend Olli get to go.

It's upsetting not being wanted, especially when you think you've helped out a friend. A friend who had money problems, who did a bit too much splurging and didn't put anything away for a rainy day.

You sweep in, give out a few tips on reigning in the finances and put them on the right path again. Then you're told to stay away when they celebrate being back on their feet again.

And then Standard & Poor's dealt you another blow. We know the global ratings agency only announced its downgrade of the European Union yesterday, but the Punt thinks you might have had an inkling on Thursday night.

You just can't catch a break.

But it's Christmas Jose. The time for good cheer, especially among friends.

Put a smile on your face and tell us you didn't mean it. We'll put this unpleasant episode behind us.

We'll see you in the New Year, cap in hand.

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