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'Believers are achievers' -- the mighty Quinn urges businesses to stay positive

THE ever ebullient Feargal Quinn was in Dublin Castle yesterday where he gave a sparkling speech which reminded the 200-strong audience why he thrived during the last recession when he built up Superquinn into an important force in the grocery business.

The senator banged the same drum as he has for decades by urging businesses to "go that extra mile, provide an outstanding customer service and give a unique experience to their customers".

Calling for a lower minimum wage, lower rents and lower energy costs, he also said he firmly believed "the downturn has provided so many opportunities for business people to improve their business.

"Positivity is the only way forward and it is absolutely crucial to all parts of the economy at this time. Negativity is a real hindrance and, in some ways, can be an excuse to do nothing. Believers really are achievers in my mind." How does he stay so upbeat?

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