Wednesday 21 February 2018

Behind the face of a globally successful berry business

Roisin Burke

If I weren't doing what I do, I'd be ...

"at the James Dyson Foundation. From a young age I enjoyed science. At seven I silver-plated a copper coin to make a 2p piece look like a 10p!"

The last meal I really enjoyed was...

"a nice breakfast of sashimi and a fruit smoothie made with raspberries, blackberries, mango, banana, kiwi, apple juice and chia seeds."

If I didn't live in Dublin, the place I would live in is ... "I'd like to live in Shanghai for a year. The energy and drive is fantastic."

My greatest indulgence is... "horse-riding. I own a horse, it's not cheap!"

My favourite websites are... "I use Google, and Net-a-porter have probably heard of me!"

One artist whose work I'd collect if I could is ... "Vincent Keeling, my cousin. His work is amazing."

The best gift I've been given was ... "my father paid for my last birthday party in January, a gathering with all my friends and family."

The people I rely on for personal grooming are ... "Tibo in Malahide do my hair."

My favourite piece of clothing is ... "I run around all day in comfortable boots and I live in a pair of Rock & Republic jeans when I'm not in work."

An unforgettable place I've travelled to in the last year is ... "Lambay Island, just off the North Dublin coast, where you can rent a house and stay. I travel so much, it is nice to have a retreat close at hand."

The last music I downloaded was... "'Cold Fact' by Rodriguez."

The books on my bedside table are... "'The Phenomenon of Man' by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is a favourite; anything by Malcolm Gladwell."

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