Tuesday 20 February 2018

BBC is RTE's bizarre obsession

DOES anybody this side of the Irish channel really care much about Jimmy Savile, a television presenter from the 1970s, or 'Newsnight', a late night news programme that airs on BBC2?

Unlikely, but this has not stopped RTE from running minute-by-minute reports of the goings on in the BBC over the past few days and the problems that 'Newsnight's' predictions have created for the broadcaster.

The optimistic explanation is that RTE is merely trying to distract us from the shambolic mistakes it made when 'Prime Time' libelled Fr Kevin Reynolds earlier this year, leading to the resignations of Aoife Kavanagh and several other station executives.

The more pessimistic explanation for all this reportage about the BBC's travails is that the new head of RTE news and former deputy head of the BBC's newsroom, Kevin Bakhurst (below), just can't seem to forget about his old employer or let go of the gossip at Broadcasting House.

If that's the case,then it looks like we will be treated to endless bouts of navel gazing and retrospectives everytime poor Auntie suffers some minor scandal or the anniversary of Lord Reith's birth rolls round.

If this second explanation is correct, we can all look forward to celebrations of the 'Magic Roundabout's' birthday and commemorations of a dozen other children's programmes you never saw because you were either not alive back in the 1970s or grew up in Ireland watching 'Wanderly Wagon' in One Channel Land rather than foreign television from our nearest neighbour.

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