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Bard Shannon turnover up as profits fall

PRE-TAX profits at the Irish subsidiary of US-owned health care manufacturer, CR Bard fell in 2009 by 32pc to $100.2m (€75m) in spite of an increase in revenues.

Recent filings show the Dublin-based Bard Shannon Ltd increased its revenues by 5pc from $694.2m to $729.6m to the end of December 2009.

In spite of this, pre-tax profits dropped by $47.2m.

The directors' report for the holding company states that they expect the increase in turnover to continue.

However, the increase in revenues "has been offset to a large extent by a corresponding increase in the costs of materials, labour and overheads".

CR Bard, Inc. is a leading multinational developer, manufacturer, and seller of innovative life-enhancing medical technologies in the fields of vascular, urology, oncology, and surgical specialty products.

The $729m in turnover represents 29pc of the corporation's global sales in 2009 of $2.5bn. The company employs 11,000 worldwide.

During 2009, the Irish-based holding company made a payment of $4.4m to its US parent. The dividend was made "in connection with the parent company's plans to repatriate foreign earnings which were previously taxed for US tax purposes".

Irish Independent