Wednesday 16 October 2019

Bank's shame taints Ireland in media all over the world

Sarah McCabe

THE Anglo Tapes scandal continued to snowball around the world, with former manager John Bowe's recital of 'Deutschland Uber Alles' and former chief executive David Drumm's comments that Anglo should "get the f***in' money in" from investors in countries like Germany and Britain attracting international scrutiny.

The bankers' discussions were unsurprisingly picked up by most of Germany's biggest news outlets. Virtually all expressed dismay at the recordings and repeated the "Deutschland Uber Alles" reference, while a senior German political figure later called them "absolutely unbearable" and "dangerous".

In a lengthy article, leading French newspaper 'Le Monde' suggested the revelations could be damaging to Ireland's negotiations on its bank debt.

"The revelations are seen as damaging to Ireland's efforts to secure more European funds to recapitalise the banks," said Reuters, in a story repeated by smaller news organisations around the world.

"Public outrage is growing in Ireland," said the global wire service in a second article.

"Irish bankers joke over bailout at EU's expense," read 'The South China Morning Post' headline. The article said the Anglo recordings "underlined why Germany is so wary of creating a European banking union."

In the US, 'The Wall Street Journal' highlighted that it was the Irish people themselves who originally chose not to implement a banking inquiry.

'The Wall Street Journal' updated its coverage of the tapes repeatedly throughout the day as events unfolded.

Australia's biggest selling newspaper 'The Australian' went through the transcripts of the second tape in detail.

The world's biggest radio, TV and online news organisations also seized upon the recordings, including Fox News, CNBC, Channel 4 News, Sky News and the BBC.

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