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Banking inquiry: warning that alleged leak 'could undermine its work'


Kevin Cardiff

Kevin Cardiff

REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

Kevin Cardiff

Fianna Fáil has warned that the alleged leaking of documents relating to the Banking Inquiry could undermine its work.

The party's Public Expenditure spokesperson Sean Fleming today expressed concern after the planned statement of former senior civil servant Kevin Cardiff was reported in the media.

Mr Cardiff previously served as Secretary General at the Department of Finance.

His lengthy statement, which he is preparing to read at the inquiry on Thursday, was quoted in the Sunday Business Post.

It is an offence to leak information relating to the Banking Inquiry.

Speaking today, Mr Fleming said the alleged leak is a "very serious matter".

"We don't know the circumstances of whether it came from someone in the Oireachtas or outside of the Oireachtas," Mr Fleming said.

"This could undermine the inquiry. I would be worried if there were attempt if there are moves by people - God knows who they may be - to undermine the banking inquiry," he added.

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