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Banking inquiry: NAMA bosses step up to give evidence

The so-called 'Nexus Phase' of the banking inquiry is set to get underway today that will see former high-ranking politicians and bankers provide evidence.

NAMA executives including Brendan McDonagh, will give evidence today with the inquiry now to focus on the bank guarantee.

So far the inquiry has been dealing with setting out the economic situation in the run up to the crisis, hearing from experts such as economists.

Between now and September 64 public hearings, involving at least sixty witnesses will be held.

The witnesses will include former politicians such as Brian Cowen and Charlie McCreevy, bankers and the former governor of the central bank.

Today will see the Chief Executive of NAMA Brendan McDonagh and NAMA Chairman Frank Daly  appear before the inquiry.

Last night the inquiry formally agreed to engage with former ECB President Jean Claude Trichet, who will be questioned on the ECB’s role during the banking crisis.

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