Sunday 22 April 2018

Bank staff are lost for words

THE Irish Independent's non-business reporters enjoyed a little light relief as not one, but two, slickly suited bizniz hacks battled to make sense of Bank of Ireland's latest regulator filing.

Specifically, whether the bank was announcing that long time investor Harris Associates had increased or decreased its holding in the country's biggest bank.

Somewhat shamefaced, the chaps on the desk decided to cover their pinstriped behinds by putting in a call to the bank itself.

The communications team was only too happy to clear up the matter -- but alas, struggled themselves to decipher the gobbledigook contained in the latest market announcement.

Eventually the bank's staff was able to clarify the matter, but it took a second call and a bit more head scratching within BoI.

It all begs the question why the announcement couldn't just be written in plain old English to begin with.

Is it any wonder the man and woman in the street are left scratching their heads when it comes to finance?

Irish Independent

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