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David Drumm launched astonishing tirade against female financial official

ANGLO Irish Bank David Drumm launches an ill-tempered tirade against two prominent women in financial circles.

The foul-mouthed banker describes one woman as "f***in' bitch features" and passes a dismissive comment about another senior female who was involved in a meeting in previous days.

"Never opened her f***in' gob, of course," he says.

The name of another high-ranking woman arises in the course of a conversation with newly promoted director of treasury at the bank, John Bowe. Even though this person is helping the bank in its battle for survival, she is still on the receiving end of Mr Drumm's contemptuous attitude.

"That's yer woman," he said, before adding: "F***in' bitch features."

These crass and sexist comments are made in relation the only two women named in the tapes obtained by the Irish Independent. Both are in positions of authority and it appears neither has much time for the testosterone-fuelled Anglo culture.

Mr Drumm also insults government officials and consultants advising the government.

The comments are the most striking example yet of the incredible laddish culture of machismo that was evident at the highest level in the bank.

The only woman's voice that has been heard on the tapes so far is a female receptionist who always politely connects the calls.

Mr Drumm's language in a series of the conversations revealed by the Irish Independent this week is frequently laced with appalling outbursts.


John Bowe

John Bowe

John Bowe

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In one incredible outburst he said: "Yeah and we'll be saying: 'Yeah, because, a stress because HBOS were f***ing sold and Lehman's went bust and f***ing Bank of America f***ing took over Merrill's and other f***ing non-normal things happened, you c**t."

The apparently dismissive tone towards women fits with a wider pattern.

Mr Drumm appears to take personally any criticism levelled by any official or financial institution against the bank.

Throughout the conversation, he seeks to rationalise any perceived slight against the bank as being the result of malice, rather than analysis of the bank's calamitous financial standing.