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Anglo Boss Aynsley got €866,000 package in 2011

ANGLO chief executive, Mike Aynsley, was paid a total of €866,000 including a salary of €538,000 – which included a car allowance of €38,000.

The 54-year-old Australian, appointed in September 2009 to lead the Anglo wind-down, also received a pension contribution of €125,000.

The pay package was topped off with €203,000 in temporary allowances - for relocation assistance including rent, travel and other agreed expenses.

Chairman and non-executive director Alan Dukes was paid fees of €150,000, €100,000 lower than the agreed contractual fee.

On his remuneration package, Mr Aynsley said: "I don't blame people for feeling hard done by because the banks didn't do a very good job over the last number of years.

"I'm paid very well. I think I said last year I'm very grateful that the allowances were paid so that I could come here."

A spokesman for the Department of Finance said remuneration arrangements for senior IBRC officials were approved by the previous government.

The Government added that all salaries are in line with the cap and Mr Aynsley's remuneration has fallen since 2010 when he had a total pay package of €974,000.

The allowance of €203,000 is expected to end this year.