Sunday 20 October 2019

Aldi's special 'Santa's Milk' hits the shelves again just in time for Christmas Eve

Santa's Milk
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Move over Kevin the carrot, there's a new kid in town with a direct line to Santa.

The marketing genius behind 'Santa's Milk' is seeing the fruits of their labour hitting Aldi shelves again next week.

In time to wash down the Big Man's carrots and mince pies on Christmas Eve, the season-inspired drink is available from Thursday 20th.

With a pre-written note to Santa on the side, each carton allows the child to sign its name to leave out by the fireplace.

"To Santa, enjoy your glass of fresh milk on your busiest night of the year. From…….."

"Santa’s Milk" will be on sale in Aldi nationwide from December 20th until Christmas Eve for 52c.

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