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Aer Lingus to share flights with Ethiad Airways in new commercial agreement

AER Lingus today announced that it has reached commercial agreement with Etihad Airways regarding interline and code-share arrangements.

Aer Lingus will cooperate with Etihad Airways on flights between Abu Dhabi and Dublin and have full access to flights across the network beyond Abu Dhabi, to points including Australia, Asia-Pacific, the Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East.

In addition, Etihad will cooperate with Aer Lingus on services to a total of 18 destinations, including Dublin to New York, Boston, London Heathrow, Amsterdam, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Lisbon.

The interline and code-share arrangements will commence during the third quarter of 2012 and will further enhance the already wide range of destinations and travel opportunities available to customers booking on aerlingus.com, the company said.

Etihad and Aer Lingus continue to discuss additional commercial and cost opportunities to develop a closer working relationship in areas such as joint procurement.

Aer Lingus Chief Executive, Christoph Mueller said, “Today’s announcement supports Aer Lingus’ strategy to provide greater access and choice to our customers. We are delighted to welcome Etihad on board as a partner.”

James Hogan, Etihad Airways’ President and Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are delighted to announce this new commercial agreement with Aer Lingus which will provide Etihad Airways customers with new travel options and flight connections to Ireland, the UK, continental Europe, and across the Atlantic to Boston and New York.