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Aer Lingus numbers hit by late Easter

Aer Lingus cited a late Easter as a primary reason behind an 8.4pc year-on-year drop in the number of booked passengers it registered in March.

Releasing data yesterday, the airline said that it had 716,000 booked passengers last month.

It reported an 8.4pc fall in the number of booked passengers on its short-haul flights, to 653,000. On long-haul routes to the United States, the number was 8.7pc lower, at 63,000.

Aer Lingus also noted that it had reduced overall short-haul capacity by 4.8pc year-on-year due to planned capacity decreases out of London Gatwick and Cork.

The overall booked load factor in March declined 3.7 percentage points to 72.2pc. On short-haul services the booked load factor was down 4.5 percentage points to 71.4pc, while on long-haul it was 73.6pc, down 2.1pc year-on-year.

In the year to date, the total number of booked passengers registered by Aer Lingus has fallen 12.7pc year-on-year to 1.84 million. On short-haul services, the number is down 12.7pc, while on long-haul it has fallen 13.4pc year-on-year.

Shares in the carrier closed down almost 2.9pc, or 2.2 cent, at 74.3 cent.

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