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A-ha! Irish TV boss in talent hunt for next Alan Partridge

Dubliner Jamie Conway, chief executive of London-based company Element TV, hopes to launch the careers of the next generation of Alan Partridge-type presenters by bidding for 12 local TV licences in the UK this summer.

The former head of broadcasting for City Channel secured a six-figure investment from 'broadband delivered TV' specialists Kitdigital in 2011 and recently enlisted former BSkyB executive Ian West as chairman.

Mr Conway got the idea to bid after meeting the currently embattled British Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, as an opposition MP in 2009 and was impressed and motivated by Hunt's intentions to put local TV back on the map.

"I hadn't worked in local TV for a year but it became clear that if the Conservatives got back into power, local TV would be on the agenda."

Mr Conway believes local TV will need to be sustainable and relevant.

"We believe that local television must have local content at its core, opportunities focused on local businesses for advertising opportunities and a frequency of updates that means Element TV will be the mirror that reflects the local zeitgeist.

"We have identified the model that is the most commercially viable and true to the concept of local TV."

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