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€70bn to bail out Irish banks

The final bill for bailing out Ireland's banks will be €70bn after stress tests by the Central Bank in Dublin detailed that four institutions need another €24bn.

Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan said Allied Irish Bank (AIB) needs €13.3bn while Bank of Ireland needs €5.2bn in further recapitalisation.

Building society EBS requires €1.5bn while Irish Life and Permanent needs another €4bn, he said.

Mr Honohan said the refinancing lifelines set out were exceptionally conservative.

"Banks will be capitalised as the additional capital requirements announced today provide for future loan losses over the course of the three years on a scale that is unlikely to occur and an additional buffer for subsequent events," he said.

"The data assembled in this exercise has been published to enable independent analysts to see the basis on how we have determined loan loss projections and to create more transparency about the final costs of resolving the Irish banking system."

The Governor said the aim was to create a sustainable banking system through "recapitalisation, deleveraging and reorganisation".

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