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€320,000 Quinn wife working in part-time garage job


Sean Quinn Jnr (left) and KarenWoods, wife of Sean Quinn Jnr at the Audi showroomin Dublin

Sean Quinn Jnr (left) and KarenWoods, wife of Sean Quinn Jnr at the Audi showroomin Dublin

Karen Woods, wife of Sean Quinn Jnr at the Audi showroomin Dublin

Karen Woods, wife of Sean Quinn Jnr at the Audi showroomin Dublin


Sean Quinn Jnr (left) and KarenWoods, wife of Sean Quinn Jnr at the Audi showroomin Dublin

THE wife of jailed Sean Quinn Jnr is working as a receptionist -- despite receiving €320,000 after tax in wages from three Russian firms since April of last year.

Ms Woods, who wed Sean Jnr in a glitzy ceremony earlier this year, is a part-time employee with a car dealership in Dublin.

The dealership is currently advertising for a full-time receptionist, with an annual salary of €21,000.

Her husband is in jail after breaking court orders not to interfere with the Quinn family's €500m international property portfolio.

Yesterday, he learned he is likely to remain in Mountjoy until at least October -- unless he can purge his contempt -- because his appeal over his three-month sentence won't be held until then.

On Wednesday, the High Court granted a temporary injunction freezing Ms Woods' assets and preventing her from moving Quinn assets.

And yesterday she was working in Joe Duffy Motors in north Dublin, where she has been employed since 2010.

When asked by the Irish Independent to explain her employment status with the dealership and with the three Russian firms linked to Quinn, she said: "I work in Joe Duffy part time -- it's important to remember that." She declined to comment further.

It is understood that she started working as a "sales executive" with the firm in 2010, but has cut back on her hours and now works as a part-time receptionist.

On Tuesday, the High Court heard that Ms Woods was one of eight members of the extended Quinn family who received €2.8m in purported salaries from three Russian companies after the Quinn Group was placed under the control of the former Anglo Irish Bank.

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Ms Woods received €320,927 in after-tax salaries.

Anglo, now known as the IBRC, has said it is "not aware of any work done" by Ms Woods to justify the payments.

Her husband Sean Quinn Jnr received almost €400,000. His sisters Aoife, Colette and Ciara Quinn each received more than €300,000. Peter Darragh Quinn -- who is currently on the run after being given a three-month sentence for contempt -- got the largest salary of €474,974. All the payments were received between April of last year, when the Quinn Group was placed into receivership by the IBRC, and an unknown date this year.

Ms Woods married Sean Quinn Jnr (33) in May, with a reception at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Powerscourt in Wicklow.

When contacted yesterday, company director Dermot Fallon said that it was not company policy to comment on employees past or present.

Last weekend Ms Woods visited her husband at the training unit in Mountjoy, after he was jailed for "outrageous" contempt of court orders to stop him putting the multi-million euro property assets beyond the reach of IBRC.

Yesterday the Supreme Court decided it will hear his appeal against his three-month sentence in October.


Unless the court finds he has purged his contempt before the appeal, it appears he will remain in prison. No exact date has been given for the appeal.

Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne found last week that Sean Quinn Jnr's efforts to comply with court orders were not adequate. She indicated she was sending Sean Quinn Jnr and Peter Darragh Quinn to jail for three months but, if the coercive orders were still not complied with, they could remain there indefinitely.

It is understood the formal court orders since issued do not specify a definite period of imprisonment.

The judge said she would not jail Sean Quinn Snr at this stage because she wanted him to be available to assist IBRC.

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