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Irish women tackle the digital gender divide

A GROUP of Irish women working in the online sector have banded together to be a “change maker” in Ireland’s digital economy.

DigiWomen held their first group event at Dublin’s Mansion House today where entrepreneurs working in digital could network and inspire each other towards success.

It’s estimated that Ireland’s digital economy will double in the next three years and the group are planning on building strong networks around this.

Advice set out during keynote addresses included Google Analytics, female technology initiatives and how to get funding.

Speaking about the event, DigiWomen co-founder and freelance marketer, Siodhna McGowan said men are not excluded from the events.

 “DigiWomen is not about ‘playing fair’ and men are very welcome to attend the events, it’s really about maximising a business opportunity.

“There are a potential 18,000 new digital jobs in Ireland if we hit our objectives in the next three years. We need to inspire, encourage and support female-led SMEs who are underperforming in terms of their numbers, so that we can draw on the enormous pool of female insights, talent and experiences that offer a complimentary skillset to that of their male counterparts”.

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