Sunday 20 October 2019

Irish twins become millionaires with videos of themselves playing computer games


Parents take note, your child's video game habit could spell a successful future if these Irish twins are anything to go by.

Ryan and Scott Fizsimons (25) have earned €1 million each from their online videos which see them voice over their gaming escapades.

A report in today's Sunday Times details how the brothers have 2.87m subscribers on their YouTube channel which features voiceovers by the brothers whilst they play Minecraft video games.

According to the report, accounts filed before Christmas by the company Little Lizards Ltd show profits of €351,842 after paying out more than €2 million in salaries.

The revenue is created by advertising on the YouTube platform.

Pictured with the twins on Instagram snap shown above is their 21-year-old sister Kelly who is also experiencing success online.

Kelly's YouTube channel has more than 1.6m subscribers.

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