Tuesday 12 November 2019

iPad broadband

Meteor's entry level broadband to go is the cheapest thing to get for an iPad... if you don't want to do much. Forget downloading lots of Bad Piggies games, music, apps or movies -- because you'll get hit by a 2c per MB charge once you use up the free 1GB of usage. We're comparing tariffs with about 5GB usage per month.

Best: Meteor 5GB broadband €207.24 per year

Avoid: O2 30 day pass 5GB €268.88 per year

Saving: €61.64 per year

contact: or local stores

Monster HD TV with satellite

Tick tock. The digital switchover thing must be happening fairly soon. So if you just have rabbit ears to watch Killinaskully, you'll soon just be watching snow on a blank screen. Become a couch potato with the ultimate TV package, including Sky Sports and Sky Movies in high definition. You'd never need to look outside and see how awful things are. Sky World HD and UPC's Select Extra are probably these closest matches, with 107 and 108 channels respectively. UPC has a €45 installation charge which makes it much dearer in the first year. Otherwise it's €8.52 dearer.

Best: Sky World HD €1,092

Avoid: UPC Select Extra €1,145.52

Saving: €53.52 in year one

contact: or 0818 719 852

Savings accounts

A theoretical idea, as nobody has any money any more. But if, like Sean Quinn, you have a few quid stashed away in a savings account, there's no point getting shortchanged with a really low interest rate. The banks are going to take the pickaxe to savings rates in coming months as they try to start making profits. As well as getting creamed on variable rate mortgages, customers will now find their savings accounts paying bugger all. For €50,000 in 12 month fixed rate account.

Best: Ulster Bank 12 months fixed 3.75 per cent

Avoid: RaboDirect 12 month fixed rate 0.25 per cent

Saving: €1,750 in interest in first year

contact: or local branches

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