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iPad broadband

Tickets for Madonna are on sale. Will they fly out the door or will sales stutter? Hmm, it seems rather hard to get tickets anywhere except on the internet, so fire up the shiny iPad. Some of the broadband packages will cost the earth. Quotes include all the costs for the first year, including installation or other one-off costs. Both packages below have speeds of up to 7.2mb -- but the O2 package has five times as much downloadability. Rather important if you watch films or the like on your iPad. We've also gone for the cheapest package from each of the big providers, with quotes from bonkers.ie

Best: Meteor Broadband to Go -- €95.88

Avoid: O2 30 day pass -- €268.88

Saving: €170 in year one

contact: www.meteor.ie

VW Golf insurance

Okay, so Mrs Merkel. The referendum got passed. Now can we have a deal on the bank debt? Er... what? We misheard you. You said "Nein" and we thought you said "Absolutely, we'll sort you out as soon as you all vote yes." Easy mistake. But not all German stuff lets you down so badly. Take the VW Golf. You could drive it underwater for about 50 miles and it would still go like the clappers. Fully comprehensive cover for a €22,000-valued 2011 Volkswagen Golf CL 1.6 TDI driven by a 28-year-old woman driver from Lucan, Co Dublin. No claims or points. Alarmed. Parked on road. Excess €300

Best: 123.ie -- €357.00

Avoid: Zurich -- €579.00

Saving: €222.00 a year

contact: www.123.ie or 1890 221 123

Landlord property insurance

Someone is buying up bits of property around the place -- and they're paying cash. Retired public sector workers? Farmers? Or former bank bosses? They're the only people with any money. Cover for a €200,000 valued two-bed apartment in Dublin 8 owned by a 60-year-old landlord. Fully alarmed, contents cover of €25,000. Excess €300. Five years' claims free.

Best: Chrome Insurance -- €129

Avoid: Zurich -- €279

Saving: €150.00 a year

contact: www.chromeinsurance.ie or 1890 247 663

Credit-card balance transfers

They may be absolutely horrible but the people who run credit card companies aren't dumb. Shifting your credit card debt from one bit of plastic to another will only work for so long -- and then they've got you. (And your children. And your internal organs.) But if you can pay off your debt during the introductory period, then it can be a good bit of business. On a maxxed out €1,500 debt.

Best: AIB Platinum -- 3.83 per cent for 12 months

Avoid: Bank of Ireland Classic -- 3.9 per cent of 6 months then 17.9 per cent

Saving: up to €106.05

contact: www.aib.ie or local branches

Serious illness cover

Serious illness cover coughs up to pay off your mortgage when something awful but not fatal strikes. It's about as much fun to consider as the small print in the promissory notes. Serious illness cover for €100,000 for a 30-year-old male non-smoker.

Best: Discount Insurance -- €32.71 a month

Avoid: Canada Life -- €45.10

Saving: €148.68 a year

contact: www.discountinsurance.ie or 1890 987 817

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