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Independent Digital paves way with AdTouch format

INDEPENDENT Digital has launched new ads for tablet computers.

The AdTouch format allows tablet users visiting Independent.ie to engage with ads "tablet-style", using all of the tactile functions of the iPad.

The company said the ads "enables our users to engage with content without being forced to leave the page, whilst allowing brands and advertisers to build a much more engaging ad format".

The format is being rolled out in conjunction with Emirates to celebrate the arrival of new Emirates aircraft and drive business to the Emirates website.

Eileen Ruddy, online sales director, for Independent Digital, commented: "The AdTouch format combines the use of highly impactful, rich media creative and harnesses the power of touch-screen, handheld devices."

AdTouch uses HTML5 IAB standard-size ads to serve touchable, non-intrusive rich, media ads.

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