Tuesday 18 June 2019

Work-life balance is more important than pay for job-hunters, survey reveals

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Rachel Farrell

Rachel Farrell

Having a good balance between a personal life and career is now the top priority for job-hunters over pay, a new survey has shown.

Some 63pc of Irish adults believe that it is important to have that balance when looking for their preferred job, the YouGov survey in collaboration with Deliveroo revealed.

Having the ability to choose when you work is important to 44pc of Irish adults, compared to 42pc that believe having the ability to "have nice things" is a top priority.

Being offered flexible working hours was important to 53pc of job-hunters surveyed, as was being allowed to work from home, which 47pc of participants said was an attractive feature.

Some 57pc of those surveyed said they would be attracted to a company that provides lots of benefits, like pension and healthcare plans.

Reflecting on their current careers, one in three said there is not enough access to flexible working and 26pc said they currently cannot balance their work with their personal life.

The vast majority of adults found that technology also had a positive impact in the workplace.

A further 60pc said that they believe technology creates opportunity for people who would otherwise be unemployed, while 37pc said that technology has given them more freedom to manage their own time.

Liam Cox, Regional Manager for Deliveroo Ireland, said that the findings showed that Irish people are embracing technology more than ever.

"Ireland’s attitudes to work are changing. People want the flexibility to choose when to work, balancing work around their busy lives, not the other way round," he said.

"Technology is making this easier and it is clear that Irish workers are embracing tech and the new ways of working it's creating."

The survey saw 1052 adults take part of which 659 were Irish workers over the age of 18.

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