Tuesday 12 November 2019

Work Hacks: Take it handy

Heated mouse starter. €24.99; comfortable-computing.
Heated mouse starter. €24.99; comfortable-computing. com

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For those who work in a cold office and/or suffer from cold in their extremities, a 'hot' mouse is the way forward. The Heated Mouse Starter has two heating levels, 40 °C and 50 °C, with an integrated element directly beneath the surface. Suitable for left- and right-hand users, it's smooth to use with an optical sensor of 800 dpi resolution.

€24.99; comfortable-computing.com

Magic gloves.€3.39; urbanoutfitters.com/
Magic gloves.€3.39; urbanoutfitters.com/ en-gb/

Responding to emails and texts whilst walking in zero degree temperatures is a sure-fire route to both pain and typos. There are myriad touch-screen gloves available and the key considerations are ease of use, grip and warmth. The Magic gloves are keenly price and machine washable, and keep your hands toasty.

€3.39; urbanoutfitters.com/en-gb/

A great thermal tool for colder temperatures, the eco-friendly Luerme rechargeable heating insoles can be cut to fit any type of footwear. They provide consistent heat distribution and come with a USB charger, cable-retaining belts for legs to keep the battery pack secure and two packets of batteries.

€10.96; amazon.co.uk

Heated insoles. €10.96; amazon.co.uk
Heated insoles. €10.96; amazon.co.uk

On mornings when the car can't heat up quickly enough, a heated seat will do the trick - and it can also help those who have back problems. The lightweight Eco Heat seat plugs into a 12-volt connection and can be used in all vehicles, with or without side airbags.

€12.99; micksgarage.com

Heated car seat cover. €12.99; micksgarage.com
Heated car seat cover. €12.99; micksgarage.com

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