Friday 18 January 2019

Scrolling for a new job online? Here's five ways you can stand out to recruiters

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Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

With the jobs market becoming more competitive and wages rising, many people will be wondering how the can stand out more with recruiters.

Below are five ways in which employees can stand out to potential employers online.

1) Pride in appearance

Take pride in your online appearance. According to business and employment social networking site LinkedIn, employees should ensure that their online profiles are updated and "sell" you as best as possible. This, they say, starts with the language that employees use.

If you consider yourself to be specialised in certain areas, then your online professional profile needs to reflect this.

In addition, employees should list their relevant skills that they have built up through their work. While this might seem obvious, when is the last time you updated your online professional profile? Is it something that you do regularly?

2) Show character

It is important to be assertive and direct when talking about personal achievements.

However, LinkedIn also recommends that employees should not shy away from adding some personality to their language though, which they say is a great way to show your character.

3) More than words

Instead of just having your online professional profile made up of text, why not also update the profile with presentations, video, projects, and other work that you take pride in?

Such extras should help you stand out from other employees.

4) Be active

As well as having a good CV, proactivity is key when it comes to networking.

A way to do this online is to follow organisations that interest you or that you’d love to work for, make new connections, join groups and participate in discussions.

This will not only keep your online professional profile active, but also show potential recruiters and employers that you are tuned in to what is happening in your chosen industry.

5) Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion

Don’t be afraid to voice your professional opinion.

If you are an 'expert' on a given topic, why not tell the world by publishing a post on your professional network?

By offering your opinions on industry matters, it demonstrates that you are knowledgeable and well-informed.

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