Friday 13 December 2019

Revealed: The top ten buzzwords on professional networking profiles

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Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

Irish professionals were last year feeling less 'successful' despite describing themselves as more 'experienced', according to new data.

In an analysis of its Irish members, the professional network site LinkedIn found that the word ‘successful’ had dropped out of the top ten buzzwords on user profiles, while the word ‘experienced’ topped the list.

In order to help understand the change in language, and other findings from the data, LinkedIn partnered with socio-linguistic expert Professor Rodney Jones from Reading University to explain what the changes mean for jobseekers today.

Professor Jones’ analysis revealed that the terms used by Irish professionals reflect a global trend in how the public responds to the fake news trend and economic uncertainty.

'Expert' re-enters the top 10, while 'specialised' was in second place in 2017, as professionals look to verify their expertise.

"This type of language can be viewed as a wider comment on how society is searching for accountability and verifiability; in part a reaction to the increasing focus on fake news surrounding the 2016 US presidential election and the Brexit referendum," Professor Jones said.

"Where once there was a focus on branding one’s own authenticity, economic uncertainty means authenticity is no longer important, it’s about verifiability."

LinkedIn’s top 10 Buzzwords among its Irish members profiles for the past year are:

1. Experienced

2. Specialised

3. Skilled

4. Motivated

5. Leadership

6. Excellent

7. Passionate

8. Focused

9. Driven

10. Expert

The Buzzwords data also reveals an increased use of ‘leadership’ in recent years, maintaining a presence in the top five Irish Buzzwords.

"Companies are becoming less hierarchical - even junior members are expected to demonstrate leadership," Professor Jones said.

"In contrast, 'organised' fell out of the top 10 after 2015 as professionals search to demonstrate management capabilities over more functional attributes."

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