Wednesday 16 October 2019

Revealed: €38,629 is average worker's pay as earnings jump 3pc

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Anne-Marie Walsh Industry Correspondent

The average worker’s pay has risen by 3pc to €38,629 over the last year, new figures reveal.

New official data suggest that pay rises may have surpassed the 2pc to 2.5pc pay increases of recent years.

However, earnings figures reflect increases in hours and other elements of wages apart from basic pay, including overtime and bonuses.

The figures show that average weekly earnings were €740.32 – or €38,629 a year -  last September.

They had risen by 3.2pc from €717.55 – or €37,441 a year – 12 months earlier.

This means the average worker is now earning €1,188 more than they were a year ago.

Earnings were highest in the IT sector, at €1,139.26 a week (€59,446 a year), followed by the financial insurance and real estate sector at €1,057.05 (€55,156 a year).

The lowest average weekly earnings were €363.83 (€18,984 a year) in the accommodation and food service activities sector and €494.98 (€25,828 a year) in the arts, entertainment, recreation and other service activities industries.

Average weekly earnings in the public sector rose by 1.9pc to €958.98 or €50,039 a year.

In comparison, private sector wages grew faster, by 3.6pc, although they are much lower at €679.18 a week, or €35,439 a year.

Overall, weekly earnings have risen by over 8pc in the last five years.

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