Wednesday 19 June 2019

Quality of life drives people West

Mayo with the Atlantic in the background, and Beleek Castle in the foreground
Mayo with the Atlantic in the background, and Beleek Castle in the foreground
Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

A better quality of life has been cited as the main factor behind why some professionals have moved to the West of Ireland.

In a survey of almost 200 people who have recently relocated to Galway or Mayo, nine in ten respondents said that the idea of an improved quality of life was a factor behind their move.

For many, the decision to move has paid dividends, with three in four respondents saying that the balance between their working and home lives is much better now.

For just under two in three people, being closer to family and friends influenced their decision, according to the survey carried out by HR group Collins McNicholas, in conjunction with IDA Ireland.

Other reasons given were career opportunities, lower property prices, a safer environment, a reduced cost of living, and less traffic.

When it came to finding jobs, nearly three quarters of the respondents said that they found it easy to find work, with 85pc of people having either moved into a similar or more senior role than the one they held before moving.

Commenting on the survey, Catherina Blewitt, regional manager at IDA Ireland, said that the survey shows the opportunities that exist in the West.

"The West is well positioned to continue to attract new FDI and grow employment in existing companies and we will continue to collaborate with all stakeholders and parties in the region to achieve this," Ms Blewitt said.

The report includes responses from those who relocated from 21 different countries including Australia, Canada, the US, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain, with one in two people surveyed from outside of Ireland.

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