Wednesday 17 July 2019

Is this recruitment for Generation Z? The Pineapple app swaps CVs for Insta-like Stories

Female workers
Female workers
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

A new Irish startup is taking the old adage 'a picture tells a thousand words' into the digital age with a unique approach to recruitment.

Pineapple is the brainchild of Oliver Cruise, David Diamond and Phil Martin who were looking for an employment process that would be suitable for the younger generation.

They have created an app that allows those hiring for, and applying to, customer-facing roles move away from traditional job posts and CVs and use a story format similar to Instagram or Snapchat.

Candidates and companies can also contact each other, and schedule calendar invites for follow-up interviews, through the app.

With years of experience in the food and beverage industry, co-founders Oliver and Phil believed there was a more personal way to find the right match between business and staff member.

"We'd be inundated with hundreds of CVs when we advertised a job and would spend hours sifting through them; it is such an archaic process," Oliver told

"We'd end up dismissing applicants over spelling errors or similar skills that wouldn't necessarily make them a bad candidate for a hospitality role.

"So we created a platform where both candidates and companies could express their personalities, and know fairly quickly if they'd be a right fit."

Oliver established and operates Network Cafe in Dublin while Phil founded and exited the Mexican restaurant Little Ass Burrito Bar.

David, product strategy and design for Pineapple, has worked on the app which has gone live on iOS but will be available on Android later this year.

Since its official launch last November, Oliver said the feedback from users has been "brilliant" and around 10 - 15 businesses are using the platform at any given time.

"The submissions don't have to be live videos, which are often very awkward, but image stills decorated with text or emojis or whatever tells your story the best," he said.

"There's no limit to the amount of slides you can use for your story but we recommend between four and five at the moment. We'll be able to provide more advice on what employers/candidates are looking the more the platform is used."

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