Sunday 26 January 2020

Ireland ranks above EU average as women in Europe under represented in ICT

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Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

In 2016 over 1.3 million people were enrolled in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the European Union (EU).

However, women were largely in a minority, accounting for only one in six ICT students (16.7pc), according to data from Eurostat.

Ireland ranks slightly above the EU average, however the share of female students in ICT in Ireland was still less than one in five in 2016.

And a similar pattern has been observed in the labour market in Europe.

In 2017 8.4 million people were employed in the EU as ICT specialists.

The figures show that the profession was predominately men, as women also represented only 17.2pc (1.4 million) of all ICT specialists employed in the EU.

Ireland was again above the EU average, with women accounting for just over one in five ICT specialist in Ireland.

Across the EU Member States, women accounted for less than 10pc of ICT specialists in Hungary (8.9pc) and the Czech Republic (9.3pc).

At the other end of the scale about one ICT specialist out of four was a woman in Bulgaria (26.5pc), Romania and Lithuania (both 25.7pc).

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