Saturday 7 December 2019

Investments for workplace wellness

Appasionata flowers
Appasionata flowers
Vax air purifier
Brita jug

Claire O'Mahony

Go green with office plants - It's well-documented that plants lower workplace stress and clean the air, as well as improving productivity and generally making the office a nicer place to be.

Choose something low maintenance like succulents or cacti which just need a small bit of water a week, or a peace lily whichis known for its toxin-removing qualities.


Breathe easy for a better day

A 2015 Harvard University study showed that offices with lower levels of air pollution are linked to better employee performances. If opening windows isn't an option, an air purifier with a HEPA filter, like the Vax AP01 Air Purifier will capture dust and pollen and eliminate unpleasant odours.


Drink up and avoid the slump

The 3pm slump can be caused by dehydration and it's easier to drink more water when that water tastes good. A water filter jug, like the Brita Style, means using less plastic and it holds 1.4 litres of filtered water with micro carbon pearls to reduce chlorine and organic impurities while ion exchange pearls permanently absorb lead and copper.


Look up and see the light

Too much screen time can leave eyes dry and tired so it's important to follow the 20:20:20 rule, where you take a break every 20 minutes and look at an object 20 feet away. Also consider downloading F.lux, a free app for Mac, Windows and Linux, which adjusts your screen's colour depending on your location and the time of day, helping to prevent eye strain and to sleep better if you tend to work at night.

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