Sunday 22 September 2019

Initiative to address leadership launched

Joanne Hession, chief executive of the Entrepreneurs Academy and founder of LIFT
Joanne Hession, chief executive of the Entrepreneurs Academy and founder of LIFT
Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

A national initiative addressing leadership has been launched today.

Started by Joanne Hession, chief executive of the Entrepreneurs Academy, with Sonya Lennon, and David Hession, LIFT – Leading Ireland’s Future Together – aims to improve peoples quality of life though a focus on both values and peoples role in leadership.

The initiative recognises good leadership as vital at home, in school, the workplace, and Government, and has set strategic goals to create better leaders across Ireland.

In creating the initiative, LIFT carried out a nationally representative survey which found that over half of respondents (52pc) choose honest and integrity as among the top three attributes of good leadership.

Respect (26pc) and empathy and understanding (25pc) completed the top three attributes for good leadership, according to the survey.

"LIFT is about raising awareness and giving people the tools to enhance their own leadership and abilities," Ms Hession said.

"By involving as many people as possible, our goal is to strengthen the culture of leadership for the benefit of all on our island."

Identifying eight key leadership values from their research – honesty and integrity, respect, empathy and understanding, accountability, competence, positive attitude, listening, dedication and determination - LIFT said that it plans to equip Ireland with better leadership skills by bringing people from across the country together to talk about these values, and to develop peoples self-awareness to help ensure that their values inform decision-making in leadership.

Already the initiative has over 200 volunteers who will meet with colleagues and peers to discuss how to bring those values to the fore in everyday life and decision-making.

"LIFT is calling on the people of Ireland to join with this initiative and to individually focus on how we lead in our own lives," Ms Hession said.

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