Sunday 25 August 2019

Good number crunching: salaries for chartered accountants increase

Brian Murphy, chairman of Chartered Accountants Leinster Society
Brian Murphy, chairman of Chartered Accountants Leinster Society
Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

The average salary package for a chartered accountant in Leinster grew 3.1pc to €112,580 last year, according to a survey from the Chartered Accountants Leinster Society.

The remuneration figure takes into account the value of perks such as a car allowance and bonus.

Growth in salaries is being driven by increased competition and demand among firms looking to attract and retain professionals with the chartered qualification.

It comes at a time of almost full employment in the country, with employers facing increasing difficulties in staff attraction and retention.

Out of the 1,000 plus chartered accountants surveyed, just over eight in ten said they have received a “significant” salary increase in the last three years.

The majority also expect to receive a bonus this year, with an average expected bonus of €22,700, up from €21,800 last year.

Meanwhile, half of those surveyed said they would sacrifice 10pc of their pay for a better work-life balance or to have flexible working arrangements.

Brian Murphy, chairman of Chartered Accountants Leinster Society, said: “The survey shows strong demand for chartered accountants, with growing earnings potential and considerable career opportunities.”

“Chartered Accountancy remains the largest single employer of new graduates in Ireland, and Chartered Accountants Ireland offers a range of flexible entry-routes into the profession, so students can work and learn in a way that best meets their individual needs.”

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