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Focus on these key tasks to propel you towards your business goals faster


The key for getting the most benefit out of your time is to prioritise your tasks and only focus on those which will yield the greatest results.

According to leading business speaker Jack Canfield, this process will get you "the most bang for your buck" and "propel you towards your goals the fastest".

"In addition, you also want to focus your time and energy on doing the things that you are truly brilliant at," he said.

America's no 1 success coach recommends focusing on these key tasks:

Step 1:

List all the activities that occupy your time

Step 2:

Choose 1,2 or 3 things that you are brilliant at

Choose 3 activities that generate the most income for you or your company

Step 3:

Create a plan for delegating everything else to other people

For more tips and guidelines from Canfiield, he will be speaking at the Pendulum Summit in Dublin next January.

'Unleash Your Warrior Mindset' Pendulum Summit will take place at The Convention Centre Dublin on January 11 and 12, 2017. Tickets for the event are on sale here.

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