Saturday 25 May 2019

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Mickey pouffe
Mickey pouffe
Kingston footrest
Pen Mouse Pensible
Go Flex document holder

Claire O'Mahony

Active sitting can potentially help the spine and back muscles, as well as assisting with circulation - motion chairs can also strengthen abdominal and leg muscles. The Mickey pouffe is easily moved, has an adjustable height and comes in an array of material and colour finishes.

€260 (ex-Vat)

A footrest is a wise investment for your lower back health, as it can help improve posture and reduce pressure on back muscles. Kensington's SoleSaver 56152 has three tilt options, so that you can find the right one for your leg length, and has a non-slip contoured surface. It's also an unobtrusive product to place under desks.


The ergonomic, wireless and rechargeable Pen Mouse Pensible can help guard against possible repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome. It allows you to work in different sitting positions and can also be used on a variety of surfaces. Lightweight, it suits both left- and right-handers and has a handy built-in laser pointer for presentations.


If you reference documents for more than one hour a day, a document holder is advisable to help prevent neck and eye strain. The Go Flex document holder becomes an A3 writing and reading slope by gliding it forward over the keyboard and adjusting to the preferred position, with 12 levels of adjustment. It also has a padded document shelf so there's no pressure on users' wrists.


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