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Employees most want car parking and crèches



Colin MacDonald, CEO of Fine Grain Property

Colin MacDonald, CEO of Fine Grain Property

Colin MacDonald, CEO of Fine Grain Property

Workers most want employers to provide a reliable place to park their car and a convenient crèche spot for their child, not other luxury bells and whistles, according to a nationwide survey.

The poll by Accuracy Market Research asked 1,001 adults to pick the most important facility they expect from their employer. Such issues matter in an Ireland where, amid record-high employment levels, firms and recruiters say finding and retaining staff has grown increasingly difficult.

The survey found that 41pc most want a dedicated parking space, while 25pc dream of an on-site crèche service. Both reflect the daily struggle many commuting workers face when trying to drop or collect children and reach their workplace in time.

"The frivolous gimmicks that spring to mind when you think about an early 21st century workplace simply aren't what people want," said Colin MacDonald, chief executive of business parks specialist Fine Grain Property, which sponsored the survey.

"They want to be able to get to work easily and be able to park when they get there. They want facilities for their children, making it easier for parents to return to work," he said. "People also want gym facilities, allowing the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle during working hours."

The polling firm also asked workers to identify the best services that employers could offer to strengthen their office environment.

More than two-thirds picked a good kitchen, 64pc free parking, 55pc regular social events, 44pc communal recreation space, 39pc workspace "away from my desk", 37pc subsidised childcare and 33pc an on-site gym.

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