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'I went to Vegas to remarry my wife'

One of the most interesting aspects of my profession is... "well, we have an expression in our game: 'You'll meet yourself coming around the corner'. and it's true. I've worked with Nama on buildings where I worked for the previous owner as well. It can get awkward sometimes. It's a small city, that's inevitable."

The most broke I've ever been was... "when I was a student, borrowing and begging from my mother and father."

The advice I'd give my younger self... "stay calm when everyone else is losing their head. I've learned to control what can be a hotheaded manner on occasions. And don't get emotionally involved - it's only bricks and mortar and advice can become clouded."

The craziest deal I ever saw during the boom was... "the Irish Glass Bottle site. We all knew it was over. It was miles ahead of where we expected it to be."

The most memorable trip I've ever taken was... "I went to Vegas last year to get remarried to my wife. We were divorced for two years."

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