Tuesday 21 November 2017

I threw a basketball around for warmth

What's the most broke you've ever been?

"In college. I lived in a bedsit in the middle of Dublin with a student friend of mine. It was damp and cold and we spent a lot of time throwing a miniature basketball around the room to keep warm. You were trying to trade off money on a Thursday evening to see if you could afford a pint or just needed to eat."

The best trip I've ever taken was

"My honeymoon. It was to Zanzibar. I'm a bit of a fan of Queen so it was good to go to the homeland of Freddie Mercury."

My personal investments are

"My most frequent is a nice meal on a Saturday night. Besides that, property is my real interest. I follow property and prices. If there is a priority for me, it's to find the cracker of a deal. I was brought up being told bricks and mortar was the best investment. I retained my interests over the last few years but you do get more cautious."

My friends tease me about

"Not being available or around for social interactions. When I do turn up, the slagging turns to the receding and greying hair!"

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