Monday 18 November 2019

'I saw obscene spending at auctions'

If I could advise my younger self I'd say... "get into entrepreneurship sooner. I spent the guts of 20 years working for other people, but I'd say the freedom, benefits and rewards of your own business are so much greater. The worst day as an entrepreneur is better than the best day as an employee."

The most broke I've ever been was… "Zero. Completely broke. In the early days of owning Fruitfield. We put everything into buying the business."

The most extravagant spending I've ever seen was… "during the Celtic Tiger years I saw huge spending at charity auctions and huge egos very publicly trying to outbid one another. Excessive and obscene."

The best thing money has bought me was… "the opportunity to pursue a dream. It might go back to growing up in a shop and my Mum and Dad owning their own business."

I get my suits in… "Louis Copeland."

The best trip I've taken recently was… "with Alison and our two girls to Paris for the St Valentines weekend."

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