Sunday 18 March 2018

'I look at this thing on an hourly basis'

Any small screen addiction going on?

"I look at this thing maybe on an hourly basis unless my kids call or my husband's called, you know, then I'd probably be much more responsive. But people are forever on their devices - and nothing, in my humble opinion, replaces the one-on-one interaction that you can have directly with your customers."

Twitter vs LinkedIn vs Facebook?

"Twitter, then LinkedIn. I do check our Dell Facebook pages, but when it comes to communicating with customers, it's primarily through Twitter or through LinkedIn. I only follow a couple of hundred people on Twitter."

Phone vs tablet vs laptop?

"I still think a laptop is my most productive technology tool. I use my phone to check text messages, for Twitter or to interact with my team. But for email and to consume content, the laptop is still top."

Are PCs dead?

"If the PC were dead, we wouldn't be selling and shipping hundreds of millions of PCs around the world."

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